Arctic Pups Dog Gear. Made in Alaska.

I was looking around for dog booties recently and the only ones I could find for sale in Alaska are made in China.  Now, this is a problem.  Have you ever seen a Chinese dog wearing dog booties?  No, Alaskan dogs wear booties.  They eat dogs in China, for pete’s sake, I want booties from a place where the manufacturer knows what is needed to protect a dog’s feet in sub-zero temperatures.

I searched the internet.  I shopped locally.  I came up empty.  I now make dog booties.

This is my dog, Mulvey, and his friend, Tanner.


Mulvey and Tanner need dog booties for different reasons.  Mulvey, the black one, thinks he’s a wild animal and runs around in the snow and ice until he’s got so many ice balls trapped between his webbed toes he’s trying to walk while keeping all of his paws off the ground.  He looks pathetic.  Ice balls hurt and can cut the paws of not-too-bright dogs like the Mulv when he wants to keep playing even though his feet hurt.  Booties protect the Mulv from himself.

Now Tanner, Tanner is a smart dog.  He sees no good reason to go outside when there is snow on the ground.  Or when it’s raining.  Or when he has to poo.  (Tanner is lucky to be alive.)    He is small, and old, and he loves having his booties on because they make winter in Alaska more bearable for him.  He likes to wear them in the house because the floors are cold and his feet stay warm.   Plus he looks adorable in them and he knows it.

Arctic Pups Dog Booties are made in Alaska and, get this, I make them from 100% American-made materials.  The 200 weight fleece is made in Massachusetts.  The Velcro is made in New Hampshire.  The thread, the thread (!) is made in Georgia.  The packaging is made in New Jersey.  The printing is done in Alaska.  How about that?  I had a choice, I could support our economy or not.  You can, too.  100% of the money you spend on Arctic Pups Dog Booties supports American businesses (6 of them), and pays American workers.  To top the whole thing off, they retail for $5 less than some of the Chinese ones.

You need another reason to buy Arctic Pups?  The 200 weigh fleece is so thick and the double sided-velcro so sticky, they stay on.  Give them a good, solid wrap, making sure the velcro is wrapped on the fleece not your dog’s leg, and they stay put.

Mulv, the ridiculous dog, demonstrates how rambunctious you can be in these boots.


Look for Arctic Pups Dog Booties in the Anchorage area at your favorite local Pet Supply store.  If they don’t have them, ask.  Or contact me directly and I can mail some out to you.  A 4 pack of booties is $15 and I bet I can mail them for less than a dollar.   They come in 3 sizes.  Medium fits Tanner and dogs up to about 35 pounds.  Large fits every lab sized dog we’ve tried them on (up to 80 pounds) and extra large fit giant breeds like St Bernards and most Sasquatches.  I don’t make really small ones for toy-sized dogs because their feet aren’t any bigger than their forelegs and I haven’t figured a way to keep them from slipping off.   If I come up with something brilliant, I’ll let you know.

Thanks for visiting this page, supporting Arctic Pups, and American small business.


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